Just another telehealth provider? We don’t think so.

We’re different from other telehealh providers for 3 reasons. Here goes: Difference 1 – great value care: our visit fee is only $15. we can provide great care for $15 because our doctors use technology to help us care for patients in a much more efficient way. By answering our health questions you provide our […]

Lemonaid – birth control pill prescriptions – our first service

The first service we launched helps women in California obtain a doctor’s prescription for birth control pills online. We’re delighted that we’re now helping women in Pennsylvania too. We chose birth control not just because 2 of our founders are OB/GYNs, but because in our research and amongst our team of doctors and friends it […]

Lemonaid – how it all began – our story

So Jason’s in Boston and writes a book called The Innovator’s Prescription. Ian and his brother Thom read the book, and suggest lunch in Palo Alto in California. At lunch they agree that with the right technology, doctors can help Americans get easier access to affordable great care. Elsewhere in California Bonnie’s helping public hospitals improve […]