Lemonaid – urinary tract infections (UTIs) treatment – our second service

Our second service helps women in California and Pennsylvania get a doctor’s prescription for antibiotics to treat a urinary tract infection (‘UTI’). We’re excited we can help even more Americans get great care at a price they can afford because providing great care at a great price is our mission. As with our birth control service, we aim to turn around all orders within 2 hours during our business hours.

To us, treating simple UTIs in women makes so much sense. A UTI’s a problem that can occur anytime, often at night or at a weekend when it’s least convenient to see a doctor in person, and it’s important to get treatment quickly. Aside from being very uncomfortable, most UTIs in women are bladder infections and aren’t serious if we can treat them straight away. But a bladder infection becomes serious if it spreads to your kidneys. A kidney infection can cause permanent damage.

To provide a bit of back-story, when we first asked ourselves the question of whether it would be appropriate to launch a UTI treatment service for women, we initially thought this wasn’t a service for us. Our rationale was that in our traditional in person clinics we’d individually always run tests on a patient’s urine, and if that was the gold standard, then online we weren’t prepared to meet a lower standard of care. But, frankly, to our surprise, our detailed research into the evidence showed that if we ask the right health questions then we can do a great job of correctly diagnosing a UTI in the vast majority of women who are pre-menopausal. By asking you the right questions we can also identify if you’re someone who really should see a doctor in person rather than get a prescription from us. So, jumping forward a few months, here we are with our new UTI treatment service that we’re really proud of.

The icing on the cake for us is that as part of our research we identified a nationwide database of local antibiotic resistance, so now we’re using that database to make sure that we always give you the right antibiotic for your zip code. Ironically, this isn’t something any of us did in our traditional bricks and mortar practice because we didn’t have time. For our online patients we always have the time, so we always check this database. This is a great example of how we can use technology to provide care that goes above and beyond what happens in traditional healthcare.