Lemonaid – how it all began – our story

So Jason’s in Boston and writes a book called The Innovator’s Prescription. Ian and his brother Thom read the book, and suggest lunch in Palo Alto in California. At lunch they agree that with the right technology, doctors can help Americans get easier access to affordable great care. Elsewhere in California Bonnie’s helping public hospitals improve the quality of care. Bonnie joins the team.

Paul’s been helping patients in England access great care online, and he joins the team. Shauna finishes RN school and she joins. Mitch hears about what we’re doing and agrees to help. Emily moves up from San Diego and she joins. Simon joins. Jason reads Davis’ book and Davis reads Jason’s book and Davis joins. Eric joins, Charul joins, Kyle joins, Brendan joins, Kristin joins.

Refreshingly simple.