Lemonaid – birth control pill prescriptions – our first service

The first service we launched helps women in California obtain a doctor’s prescription for birth control pills online. We’re delighted that we’re now helping women in Pennsylvania too.

We chose birth control not just because 2 of our founders are OB/GYNs, but because in our research and amongst our team of doctors and friends it was clear how many women struggle to get in to see a doctor for their birth control prescription. Getting an appointment’s only half the battle if travel isn’t easy or you have to take 4 hours off work.

Getting birth control should be so simple. In fact the largest group of women’s health doctors in the country, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2012 recommended that birth control pills should be available over-the-counter. This hasn’t happened yet.

We’ve found a way to keep the doctor at the center of care and provide the accessibility of over-the-counter medicines. Using our app you still get great care from a real doctor and the ability to ask any questions. You can also access care whenever and wherever needed. Just like an in person visit, our doctors ask health questions to help us decide whether it’s safe to prescribe birth control. Just like an in person visit, we rely upon you to answer questions truthfully. We ask for your recent blood pressure, and if you don’t know it we help find a pharmacy that can measure it.

One of the reasons we provide great care is that we don’t have to rush a visit. We make sure we ask all the right health questions every time. We provide materials to help understand your birth control options. Detailed discussion of the options isn’t something we always have time for in person when we’re running behind schedule and there are 12 people in the waiting room. We offer the full range of birth control pills, including combination pills and progestin-only pills that are more popular in Europe because they cause fewer serious side effects. We try to make clear that the pill doesn’t protect against STDs.

We know we can’t help all of the people all of the time, and that many patients need and want to see a healthcare professional in person. But for women who are largely healthy and who struggle to get to a clinic, we hope we offer a great alternative.